Mar 4, 2014

Southern Rail – The Key

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Southern Railways – The Key – How to



Southern Railways this time wanted to introduce a new key to their network. Similar to the way the oyster card works. 

This video was shown to all Southern Rail staff to familiarise themselves with ‘The Key’, a new type of contactless travelcard Southern Rail were rolling out.

With in this project I had a lot of creative freedoms and choose to cross shot with two cameras whist using radio mics. The cutting and between conversations as you can see is clearer and smoother than a single camera.

The animations was made using a combination of logo graphics with added movement, white backgrounds and shapes to give the logos space. There were also lots of timelapses of stations with heavy grades using spot focuses. Keeping the soundtrack to a minimum this time and allowing for a more natural feel kept the focus of the piece on the information in hand.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas and will definitely recommend you to anybody in the business if they are looking for a great product.

Heidi Sly – Project Manager – Go-Ahead House