Jul 28, 2014

Southern Rail – The Purple Book

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 Southern Railway РPurple Book



This training video for platform staff at South Railways was similar in style to ‘The Green Book’ which we filmed a few years back. Stylistically they wanted to keep it very similar, uncomplicated and very to the point. This film was about 4 minutes shorter than the other video, it has a purple theme for the text and graphics and their own GoAhead group music was used through out.
This was shot using staff at Southern Rail as actors and managers and high ranking members of staff for the voice over. They wanted to include a sequence shot in each area using staff and managers that everyone would recognise so it didn’t seem to London centric and everyone felt involved.
The animations were to be keep to a minimum as to not to be too distracting. 2000 DVDs in cases with DVD covers where printed for staff.


The Purple Book