Jul 30, 2016

The Boy Who Made A Museum Documentary Teaser

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The Boy Who Made A Museum Documentary Teaser



I travelled to Brazil with a couple of collaborators to film a documentary about a boy who made a museum.

When a 10 year old Brazilian boy decided to make a museum about a famous Brazilian singer, he didn’t know he would show much more than just music.

Told through the eyes of the boy and using his voiceover, the documentary shows his life in this arid region.

The Museum was created in a mud house, where his grandmother used to live. Pedro Lucas (the boy) lives in Crato, northeast of Brazil, an area often heavily affected by severe draughts and where water supply is still a luxury. The boy introduces an unknown and innocent part of Brazil where it’s population has been shaped slavery and native people living here.

This is a very poor and religious area, where the spiritual leader is a priest who was excommunicated by the Catholic Church and whose people migrated to the richest parts of Brazil and still suffer prejudice from their own compatriots. Pedro Luca is not a typical boy from Rio or São Paulo and he may live in the sincerest Brazil you possibly know.