Top Notch is an end-to-end TV and video production company.
Louis Blair, director of Top Notch, works in TV and video as a producer, director, camera operator and editor, based in London.
Top Notch’s main services are:
  • Promo producing for broadcast and online
  • Documentary making
  • News and factual camera operating
  • Corporate video production

Top Notch has created videos from the initial concept, to shooting and final editing, for a broad range of industries and clients.

With the ever-evolving landscape of social media, getting your message across is becoming easier.

So, choosing the right subject, tone and length of your video has never been more important for it to cut through to your audiences.  


We understand that getting an idea of cost, timescale and knowing what to expect from a finished product can be bewildering. So, please give us a call for a quick breakdown and a friendly discussion on how best to tackle your next project.

T: 0207 760 7627

In the meantime, please scroll down to see examples of our work.