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Providence Projects Promo

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Providence Projects Promo


The Providence Projects, is a private alcohol and drug rehab clinic in the UK. Through support, guidance and encouragement their caring rehab staff at the Providence Projects alcohol and drug addiction treatment centre, literally transform lives for a positive future.

The Hills Where Women Rule Documentary Teaser

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The Hills Where Women Rule Teaser



This documentary, The Hills Where Women Rule, explores the complex society of the matrilineal Khasi people in Meghalaya, North East India, which places familial power on women, and its frictions with Khasi men’s rights group, the SRT. 

Under the matrilineal system, Khasi children take the mother’s clan name and youngest daughters receive all the family inheritance. 

But the SRT sees this to be the downfall of their culture, and the cause of men in their society turning to alcohol abuse. 

The Hills Where Women Rule is an exploration of this unique culture and how it has changed over time due to the influence of the outside world. It also explores the experiences of a diverse group of characters, who have all had Khasi society impact their lives.

Disney Junior BAFTA Playout Promo

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Disney Junior BAFTA Playout Sizzle



Here I produced a promotional sizzle to show off Disney Junior’s new shows and talent, this screened at the 2016 BAFTAs representing the channel.

Please email me from the password to access this.

The Boy Who Made A Museum Documentary Teaser

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The Boy Who Made A Museum Documentary Teaser



I travelled to Brazil with a couple of collaborators to film a documentary about a boy who made a museum.

When a 10 year old Brazilian boy decided to make a museum about a famous Brazilian singer, he didn’t know he would show much more than just music.

Told through the eyes of the boy and using his voiceover, the documentary shows his life in this arid region.

The Museum was created in a mud house, where his grandmother used to live. Pedro Lucas (the boy) lives in Crato, northeast of Brazil, an area often heavily affected by severe draughts and where water supply is still a luxury. The boy introduces an unknown and innocent part of Brazil where it’s population has been shaped slavery and native people living here.

This is a very poor and religious area, where the spiritual leader is a priest who was excommunicated by the Catholic Church and whose people migrated to the richest parts of Brazil and still suffer prejudice from their own compatriots. Pedro Luca is not a typical boy from Rio or São Paulo and he may live in the sincerest Brazil you possibly know.

Southern’s changes

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Southern Rail Public Relations Video



This video public relations video was created for Southern Rail to help their customers and staff clearly understand what changes were happening and to clear up any rumours around what was going on. The video explains why industrial action was taking place and what changes Southern Rail was making to modernise the railways by altering the role of some of their conductors.

Southern Rail – The Purple Book

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 Southern Railway – Purple Book



This training video for platform staff at South Railways was similar in style to ‘The Green Book’ which we filmed a few years back. Stylistically they wanted to keep it very similar, uncomplicated and very to the point. This film was about 4 minutes shorter than the other video, it has a purple theme for the text and graphics and their own GoAhead group music was used through out.
This was shot using staff at Southern Rail as actors and managers and high ranking members of staff for the voice over. They wanted to include a sequence shot in each area using staff and managers that everyone would recognise so it didn’t seem to London centric and everyone felt involved.
The animations were to be keep to a minimum as to not to be too distracting. 2000 DVDs in cases with DVD covers where printed for staff.


The Purple Book

Property Commercial

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High End Property Promotion

This is an example of the kind of work we are doing with www.outlet.co.uk. This is a growing trend within estate agents looking to gain the edge and make their properties look more desirable. Not only is this important for selling the property but its also attracts new clients looking for the right estate agents for them.

Al Jazeera – ‘Mosques Around The World’

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Mosques Around The World – Al Jazeera


Woking Mosque

Recently been filming footage for ‘Mosques Around The World’ TV show to be shown on Al Jazeera channel throughout Ramadam.

The mosque above is the Woking Mosque the first purpose built Mosque in the UK.

The other two that were filmed were the Central London Mosque and the Brick Lane Mosque.

Used a lot of timelapses small steadicam rig Steadicam 2000 HD with a 5D Mark II which gives wonderfully smooth shots at an affordable price. To rent the steadicam rig for £40/day visit http://topnotchproduction.co.uk/equipment-hire/accessories/glidecam-hd-2000/