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Southern Rail – The Purple Book

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 Southern Railway – Purple Book



This training video for platform staff at South Railways was similar in style to ‘The Green Book’ which we filmed a few years back. Stylistically they wanted to keep it very similar, uncomplicated and very to the point. This film was about 4 minutes shorter than the other video, it has a purple theme for the text and graphics and their own GoAhead group music was used through out.
This was shot using staff at Southern Rail as actors and managers and high ranking members of staff for the voice over. They wanted to include a sequence shot in each area using staff and managers that everyone would recognise so it didn’t seem to London centric and everyone felt involved.
The animations were to be keep to a minimum as to not to be too distracting. 2000 DVDs in cases with DVD covers where printed for staff.


The Purple Book

Castrads New Radiator Builder App Shoot

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Castrads Radiator Builder
In order to recreate the type of background an app that could design and build your cast iron radiator would have:

We used a greenscreen and a motorised slider to get the same smooth action on every pass. These 13 different shots of radiators will be cut together with 0.5 second intervals between them so and a cursor will be on the screen to show a selection process.  A bit like a design and build your own trainers that Nike have if you have seen that.

Lets see how it comes together.

Castrads Radiator Builder

Castrads Radiator Builder

National Lottery

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Worked on the National Lottery this Saturday it must have been about 4 months since I was last in that studio at Pinewood.  Glad to see the show is back to its usual standard, I stopped getting a ticket a long time ago, there are normally 3 rehearsal runs so thats three chances of seeing the jackpot come up with your numbers but it not counting! Not worth the risk!photo

Mazda Real Challengers – Gilo Cardozo Interview

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This promotional footage is to Mazda’s latest range of cars. The purpose of the video is to go out and meet other great inventors and engineers that are changing the world like Mazda is.
A couple of our Canon 5D mark iii’s went on hire for this shoot with a few lenses. They look great in the lock of car shots rigged to the windows securely with suction pads.
I shoot a small part of this. It’s a nice interesting series they have put out for free meeting some exteroindary people!

BMX World Cup

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Down in Manchester at the velodrome to meet some the stars of the BMX world cup shooting some stings. Got to work with a camera operator with an incredible dji phantom rig with a very smooth gimbal and a radio transmitter to get the images back to him. Very impressive on such a small drone. Some of the BMXer have some pretty bad injuries these guys are nutters to keep going back to it cool guys love to see the event live get tickets if you can!

BMX World Cup

BMX World Cup


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First day at the bvexpo 2014, at the excel centre. Great day checking out the new kit jibs phantom cameras and sliders. Recently in the last few years the event hasn’t changed that much. The work shops were good for producers especially commissioning and pitching. I probably wouldn’t recommend the lighting and cinematography workshops and they keep doing lighting about things on an enomous scale in big blockbuster films with unlimited budget something very few of us aren’t going to see. http://www.bvexpo.com/ 



Mazda Commercial

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Hiring our 5D mark iiis out and working on a Mazda car commercial for a viral online series aimed at finding connections between the Mazda cars creativity of the inventors and the creativity of other inventors in cool fields. So went went down and filmed at a location where they have design and tested a flying car, it is orignally a paraglider factory and we met the creative minds behind it.

flying car

flying car



paragliding production

paragliding production

Big Stars Little Stars

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This week I have been mostly working on Big Stars Little Stars a relatively new ITV game show in which celebs invite their kids to play along side them. Filmed down in Fountain Studios Wembley more to come in April.


Big Stars Little Stars

Big Stars Little StarsLouis rigging jimmy jib


Prince Squash Rackets

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I should have undated this a while ago! Went out and shot some footage for Prince squash rackets. Lots of slow mo dedo flair and some very fast action.
Here we see Russell going risking life and limb to get a good shot, slider with fs700 here.

Prince Squash rackets
Some of the biggest names in squash were interviewed about the racket praising it for its new more aerodynamic design.

Stock Footage Around South East Asia.Dec.2013

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How I filmed stock footage whist traveling.


I am traveling at the moment and I’m using this as a great opportunity to get some stock footage.

Traveling cheaply means that I can’t take a lot of kit out with me so to save hassle I have taken with me:

Canon 5D

lenses 16-32, 24-70 70-200


No sound

Armed with this I can quickly get into places inconspicuously. You can also get away with people thinking you are taking photos most of the time and so security doesn’t bother you say at important temples or castles.
When gathering stock footage I have tended to go for a lot of time lapses with the photographs taken raw using the 5D. This gives the largest amount of scope for zooming in and doing digital pans and tilts in post and allows anyone who is going to use the footage get the most out of the colours in a grade.

Its important when packing kit to thing of which places you will be going and pack appropriately as hiking a tripod and over the shoulder camera is out the question for most places.

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat