Your Life As Film



Your Life As Film

Immortalise your memories with a documentary film about your own life, for you and your family to cherish forever.

Produced by Louis Blair, an award-winning documentary Director of Photography based in London.

Your 90-minute film, shot in a documentary style, will be a series of multi-camera angle interviews with yourself about your life. They will be edited together with all your favourite photos, videos and other interviews with family, friends or colleagues. We will provide archive footage, soundscapes, music and drone shots to make your film unique to you.

Leading up to the filming I will work with you to compartmentalise your life into manageable chapters and I can interview you at your home or in a studio.

The length of the documentaries is roughly 90 minutes, available in whatever format you would prefer, DVD, file, youtube link.

If you would like to find out more please call 02077607627 or email [email protected] today.


Louis Blair

A little bit about myself…

I work mostly in News/documentary shooting and editing as well as producing TV promos. I’ve filmed 100s of interviews with an incredible range of people, in vastly different, sometimes delicate or sensitive situations, across the UK and abroad.

I’ve been director Top Notch Productions (London) LTD since 2015 based in London.

In 2014 I worked in Ukraine for SBT News filming special reports about the civil war and in 2017 I did the same in Iraq, Mosul. In 2018 I won a Foreign Press Association award as Director of Photography for ‘The Boy Who Made A Museum’ documentary. Since then I’ve worked with a couple of News networks shooting, editing and producing stories, as well as producing TV and social media promos at Disney.

The Idea For DocumentMe came about because a family friend contacted me asking if I would make a documentary about their incredible life. I could not commit to it at the time. I then noticed a journalist friend regularly records interviews with their parent every time they visit, to keep a record of their early life. I am currently also producing a DocumentMe film with a relative, so my children and grandchildren can always revisit this chapter in my family’s collective memory.

I realised there wasn’t a place for people to go to if they want a documentary made about their lives, and so DocumentMe was born!

Winning a Foreign Press Association award for ‘The Boy Who Made A Museum’ documentary. (I’m 33 for the record!)

Being seized by Stormtroopers.

Iraq, Mosul 2017 – Filming Special Reports for SBT News.