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This is a series of special reports shot by news camera operator Louis Blair in Iraq, it is about the last days of ISIS’ rule of Mosul in April 2017.

Louis worked with Sergio Utsch, SBT’s international correspondent for Europe, Africa and Asia. This was broadcasted on SBT (a Brazilian TV network) as the first Brazilian crew to go to Iraq to report on ISIS.

Our first report shows our day with Iraqi Special Forces on Mosul’s frontline.


The second report concentrated on the internal displaced refugees of Iraq, showing the stories and faces behind the numbers.

The third report was about the autonomous region of Iraq called Kurdistan; home to the Peshmerga and their female frontline soldiers.

The forth report focused on what the ISIS left behind; tunnels, mines and destroyed Christian communities.

The fifth report was an accumulation of the accounts from children caught up in the war.

The last report was on the Yazidis; the most recent religious group to survive genocide in modern times.